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Luxury Limos & Party Buses in Toronto City in Ontario, Canada

Toronto limousine services might try to change the cost by saying you should make payments by "pay per mileage". Then they might also take you the long directions to add even more cash. Make certain that you are not making payments for a "pay per mileage" scheme for your limousine, and that if you must, that there is a set sum that you will pay. Notify them where you are headed and negotiate a cost and make certain it is adhered to. So that even if the street works means that you should detour past Toronto, that you are yet paying the same amount and not extra.

They might try to add up "per hour" charges. Once again, make certain that this does not occur. Make sure that the driver has to finish the work, even if the Toronto limousine services are held past the normal working hours. They make the base rate for a particular amount of period (first two to three hours) and then increase the cost. Make certain that you are paying a set amount for your limousine service or that you are informed of any further charges. Do not give the firm the chance to spring this on you.

Charging per “drop off and pick up ", if the firm does this then they are fake and you might wish to employ another service, nonetheless if you yet want to employ them, then plan every aspect ahead of time. Make certain that it is clear the number of times you want to drop off and pick up, and make certain that those are the ones that you make payments for. After midnight costs are also common. If the Toronto limousine service has additional charges like this, then ensure you are aware of them afore you book.


Looking for an Executive or Corporate Limo ? Research is the key, but below are a few hints on the workings of Toronto limousine services and what to check out for.

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Cheap is not always inexpensive The sad reality is that the less recognizable firms will sucker you in with a cheaper base price and make the entire experience look as it will cost too little and then jack-up the prices. You need to talk to a member of staff and if possible have something in writing prior to proceeding. The dishonest firm will increase the cost by various means, and you want to look out for them.

Are you permitted to drink, eat, and smoke in the limousine? You should look the contract to see whether you are permitted, because they might charge you more afterwards, even though you were not informed first. What is the recompense if the Toronto limousine services shows up late, in a diverse limousine or does not show up at all. You will be surprised the number of companies will try to keep your booking charge, even if they do not show up